EA delays Madden NFL 21 reveal trailer in solidarity with BLM protests

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It's a logical decision by EA. Even if they are only after political points. The NFL and Madden have a large African American fandom, along with Madden 21 coins being essentially a US exclusive product with minimal global appeal. Perhaps not the best time to drop info when one of the largest demographics only market is on literal fire. From an advertising/marketing stage, theyve done this quite a few times (smaller scale) for Battlefront 2. The CM said theyre looking to create the maximum spalsh as you can. If folks are outside protesting = less viewers. And more importantly, lower online engagement. On most social websites it is not possible to talk about anything but the protests at the moment. They want people talking about the reveal but that would be drowned out by the much bigger news right now.

Yeah, but they could have just as easily said"because of increasing pressures" or even postponed without mentioning anything. Selecting a side of the fence means likely devoting some investors, board members, partners and customers. Consumers watch EA for some of the dumb shit they perform with games they develop and publish, but they do not see what they do for causes such as equality and workplace diversity (they have ever been awarded in numerous years). They're really super progressive internally and must be praised for that. It is easy to be cynical about this kind of thing, but they might just have easily avoided making a statement. Yo, thanks for sharing this info. Regardless of how folks feel about their games we ought to commend them for their innovative actions. I'm surprised that I am just NOW hearing relating to this. I truly want the gambling community would step up and start caring a lot more about stuff like this.

Regrettably, the gaming community appears to be full of sexist and racist men and women. Reddit too, but you would not delete your accounts because some people are morons. The identical way that you would not burn your passport as a few people in your nation are brain-dead. Reddit too, but you would not delete your account because some people are morons. I came very close to doing that. I have basically boxed myself into a very small corner of reddit I never depart. It's a matter that's only very prevalent concerning individuals playing them. The games sector itself is really incredibly innovative. Super innovative? Were they censor Colin Kaepernick's title out of YG's"Big Bank" about the Madden'19 soundtrack? Have we forgotten that ? EA did a good here by simply taking the side of individuals standing up to tyranny. EA found an excuse to get time to polish a turd. They could claim to be as progressive as they need, but their inner work culture is totally cut-throat, betray your very best buddy to get a bonus and buy mut coins madden 21 a sports car, internally sabotage your competitors job, kinda civilization. It's really pretty well known in Brazil, specially on TV, in regard to ratings it clearly loses out to soccer by a fairly wide margin, but I'd say it's on par with the NBA, Tennis and Formula 1 . For the past decades cinemas have even started to demonstrate that the Super Bowl in theatres live because it is a fairly big event.

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