Dragon armour is awful, span. If you are going to spend that much

Dragon armour is awful, span. If you are going to spend that much

Dragon armour is awful, span. If you are going to spend that much, do yourself a favor and receive full Bandos, it is like, a million times better. Bandos Chestplate and Tassets provide 156 Slash Defense, 226 Range Defense, and -10 Magic Defense. Dragon Platebody and Platelegs supply 173 Slash Defense, 171 Range Defense, and -10 Magic Defense. I find that OSRS gold those 3 will be the only important defense factors in PvP, as most people use a tug strike (Godswords, whip). However, I believe that when your own Range Defense is that high (I have not contained Helm, Cape, Shield, Boots, or Gloves), you will not be carrying many hits. However, what about the 6 power Bandos gives? 6 Strength is only going to increase your damage by about 1, maybe 2. 17 Defense isn't a lot to scream about, however the Bandos Chestplate and Tassets add to 41.3m at market cost. With 28m, you can buy a Dragonfire Shield, and with a bit more you can throw a fury in addition to It's just my view that Bandos is not as great for the money you spend. It is not"a thousand times better." 2 strength raises your maximum by 1, 6 has the capability to increase it by 3. 17 slash protection is nothing, that is like wearing an extra bronze chainbody for god's sakes.

And that I want help on Melee gear if mine is great as it is or whether it can enhance. What Im wearing right now... Im not planning to PK. However, if theres anything I can improve for Player vs Monster in this Melee set up please allow me to know. As of today I have I believe. . 3.1M I will make more money if I need to and I juss started back into runescape so if your going to indicate to level up,please tell me where it's quickly to level the certain cb skill.

What is good equipment to use? Should I concentrate on strenght or on prayer bonus? And also, what's an easy way to make money? I mean the way of spending very little time on it and making some gain. I dont care if the gain is small, provided that its easy (yup im idle ). And third: is it worth it spending the rest of my cash on getting 70 prayer?

And 5th: what is the best method to Old School RuneScape Gold train smith cheaply? (I now make mith bolts in blast furnace) 6th (and continue ): is using yew longbows worth it to train fletching from 73 to 80? Or should continue with maples? (I use stealing creation knivesgot a large supply of them) (Actually only had 1 issue, but ended up putting in a few other people too )

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